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Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan

Real Name : Vishal Veeru Devgan
Nick Name : Ajay Devgan
Birth Date : 02 April 1969
Birth Place : Delhi, India
Sun Sign :Aries
Symbol : The Ram
Birth Number : 2
Ruling Planet : Mars
Chinese Sign : Rooste

Ajay Devgan was born as Vishal Veeru Devgan in New Delhi on 2 April 1969 Delhi. He is a Punjabi and the son of Veeru Devgan, a stunt director and Veena Devgan who is known to have produced a film. His uncle is film director Anil Devgan.
He was a student of Silver Beach High School and Mithibai College.

A couple of years after plunging into Bollywood, he married actress Kajol in 1999 and they had a daughter Nysa in 2003.

Shrouded in an air of melancholy and known for his reticence, Ajay Devgan stands out in the hustle-bustle of tinsel town. He is an award winning actor turned director and producer.

Ajay Devgan’s nature astrologically

He is fond of high taste in all respect. Ajay Devgan like to spend money purchasing expensive things as per his taste.
He is a person who does not like to involve in any kind of arguments and quarrel by himself. But if they target he, Ajay Devgan become bold to face them. His chart indicates as a nature, Ajay Devgan generally remain in tension. Sometimes tensions can be very acute for one reason or the other. Till sleep takes over he, his brain is preoccupied with planning and problems indicating restlessness. If something is dual in meaning Ajay Devgan is apt to take things negatively till it is clarified. Sometimes even his sound sleep can be disturbed.
He is soft-spoken and sweet tongued. Ajay Devgan is very cultured. Ajay Devgan have the art of speaking in a manner, which impresses people. Sometimes Ajay Devgan can get his work done without recommendation or source with such an impressive art of soft speaking. He can adjust under any situation. Ajay Devgan is spritualistic. Ajay Devgan can enjoy all luxuries but will not be slave of anything. Ajay Devgan can go as best dressed person and shall be equally confortable while going in ordinary clothes. Ajay Devgan can sleep on best beds and can sleep on floor when needed. He is kind and of helping nature. It is very rare Ajay Devgan refuse such a help even if Ajay Devgan do not know the person. Ajay Devgan try to help everyone whether known or unknown even if Ajay Devgan have little discomfort.

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Great, Great, Great Experiance & feeling proud that I had word to share with him. -- 2/4/2016

Laxmikant shinde