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Padmini Kolhapure

Padmini Kolhapure

Padmini Kolhapure (born 1 November 1965) a famous Hindi actress during the 1980s.

Padmini was born to a Maharashtrian Konkani family. Her father is a Classical Singer whose family was from Kolhapur and Goa and her mother held a job working for the Airlines, whose family hailed from Mangalore. Her father's first cousins are singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle.

As a child was in the chorus for some of their songs like Yadoon Ki Baraat, Kitab, Dushman Dost along with her sister Shivangi (married to Shakti Kapoor). Padmini also later sang for her own films like Vidhaata (Saat Saheliyan), Hum intezaar Karenge, Sadak chaap (with late Kishore Kumar). She also released an album with Bhappi lahri called "Music Lovers". Also had the honour of performing for the GLC (Greater London council) at the Royal Albert hall London with Baapi Lahiri and his troupe in 1986.

It was Asha Bhosle who suggested Padmini's name to Dev Anand who then cast the talented girl in Ishq Ishq Ishq (1975). This led to other films, such as Dreamgirl (1978), Zingagi, Saajan Bina Suhagan (1978), etc.

Her mother quit her airlines job to be a full-time chaperone as Padmini picked up more roles. Her most famous child role was playing a child in Raj Kapoor's 1977 film Satyam Shivam Sundaram. The memorable song "Yashomati Maiye Se Bole Nandlala" was picturized on her, with playback singing done by her aunt, Lata Mangeshkar. The success of that song led to her most controversial role in Insaaf Ka Tarazu (1980), a remake of Lipstick (film) (1976), where she played the rape victim that was originally played by Mariel Hemingway. She became a household name and earned the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award. She also graduated to heroine roles at a tender age of 15 in Nasir Hussain's Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai opposite Rishi Kapoor. The film flopped, but she reunited with Rishi Kapoor for his father Raj Kapoor's film Prem Rog (1982). The film earned her a Filmfare Best Actress Award. She also earned a special acting award for Ahista Ahista (1982 film).

Padmini was known for her professionalism and diligence. She even worked when she had fever on Do Dilon ki Dastaan. She had more box office hits, such as Vidhaata (1982) and Souten (1983). She had a huge hit with Pyar Jhukta Nahin (1985) with Mithun Chakraborty, and they were paired together in several more films. She agreed to work with Anil Kapoor when he was a new comer, in his first film Woh Saat Din (1983). The movie was a hit and helped cement his name in the Indian film industry - Anil Kapoor attributes his eventual success in the film industry to her 'luck factor' [1].

She fell in love with producer Pradeep Sharma alias Tutu Sharma after he cast her in Aisa Pyar Kahan. They married and she retired from films at the tender age of 21 (where girls today enter at that age). She has a son named Priyank.[2]. After her son grew up, she returned to acting in 2004, such as for the Marathi film Manthan and Chimnee Pakhra which was a huge hit and earned her a Screen award in the Best actress category (marathi). She has also acted in new films such as Eight (film).[3].

She was back in controversy (after the much controversial peck on the cheek to Prince Charles during his first visit to India in 1979) ... to play the role of Tulsi Virani in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi which was much in the news after Smriti Irani left but then the role was offered to Gautami Kapoor. She is currently working on "Mera Bachpan" with Helen "Daughter" with Ayub Khan. She has also acted on stage her debuted being "Kaash" followed by "Abhi to mein jawan hoon",and currently working on "Aasman se gire khajoor pe atke" with her Brother in law Shakti Kapoor. Padmini's younger sister Tejaswini Kohlapure is also an actress.[4] Padmini also has another sister Shivangi Kapoor (née Kohlapure), who is married to Indian actor Shakti Kapoor.[5]

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