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Lalit Modi

Mr. Lalit Modi was born on 29/11/1963, Delhi & his father’s name is Krishan Kumar Modi.

According to Mr.Lalit Modi’s astrological chart he’s born on Friday & his moon sign is Aries (Mesh) & sun – sign is Sagittarius. His favorable planets are Saturn, Ketu, Rahu & to some extent Guru. His unfavorable planets are Mars, Moon & Sun.

According to his chart he was born under the maha dasha of Venus & his Venus is very positively placed in the chart. That’s why he was born in a wealthy & successful business family. His Grand Father Raj Bahadur Gujarmal Modi was then a man of Rs.40 billion.

Then his Sun (Surya) maha dasha started which means that he must be a weak child but a very brave, active & brainy child. In this period he hardly had any interest in studies. It was the time when he was under the impression of Surya maha dasha, which started from 25/02/1970 & ended on 25/02/1976.

Then his Moon maha dasha started from 25/02/1976 – 25/02/1986.But Moon maha dasha might have had given him little better time compared to Sun (Surya) maha dasha & in this period he might have had gone abroad & completed his studies & there also he was not a very brilliant student but an average student.

Later on from 25/02/1986 his Mangal maha dasha started & this was the period he thought of getting married to someone he liked & he got married twice according to the sources available. But one thing is that the placement of Mars & Moon indicates that he might be a very hyper husband & a father. Though one part of his chart shows that he is very caring & family – oriented person.Mangal maha – dasha got over on 25/02/1993 so till then he might have had got married & have had couple of childrens.

Then his Rahu maha dasha started on 25/02/1993 & it will be ending on 25/02/2011.This is the time when he started growing in business & taking care of everything according to the placement of Rahu.Rahu gave him the courage to create an empire & made him a public figure. But Mangal antar – dasha under Rahu maha – dasha started on 7/02/2010.Presently the conjunction of Mangal & Rahu has created Vish Yog for him, which will not only damage his reputation but can be dangerous for his life. He should be careful about his personal security. Till 25/02/2011 he will have to go through lots of tension but presently Mars (Mangal) is placed in the 2nd house of his horoscope, which is the house of wealth & happiness & from there Mars is having a direct drishti on the 8th house of his horoscope, which is the house of age.Mangal is placed in the 2nd house of his horoscope till 26/05/2010 so till then he has to play safe & very smartly. As per his chart he can become the scapegoat which is dangerous.

I will pray for his long life.

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Aaj Kutumbyan sobat Siranchi bhet gheun khupach prerit jhalo aahe . tyani majha vishai maja banatil saglyta shanka dur kelya aahet . Yapudhil margadarshana sathi avashya parat gurujina bhetaichi icha aahe ( 23rd May 2018 )

Ashok Khenat