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Analysis - Rama Ekadashi Vrat

Rama Ekadashi Vrat 19th October 2014 (Sunday)

 Rama Ekadashi 2014: Significance Of The Day

There was a King by the name Muchukunda. He was a religious and generous King, who was a strong believer of Ekadashi Vrat. King Muchukunda dedicatedly followed all the Ekadasi fasts and it was made mandatory for the people of his kingdom to observe the fast. King Muchukunda had a daughter named Chandrabhaga. She was very religious and had a lot of faith on Lord Vishnu & Ekadashi Vrat. She was married to Shobhan, son of King Chandrasen.

When the day of Ekadasi Vrat arrived, Shobhan along with everybody observed a fast on Ekadashi. Since, Shobhan was weak and ill, he could not resist hunger and passed away the next morning.

Due to the impact of Ekadashi Vrat, Shobhan was sent to Mandrachal Parvat and he stayed at the same place, named Devanagari, post his death.

Shobhan was visited by a Brahmin who belonged to the kingdom of Muchukunda. Then, he was told by Shobhan about the greatness of Rama Ekadashi Vrat. As the Brahmin reached Muchukunda kingdom, he narrated everything to the King and his family. After knowing everything, Chandrabhaga with her devotion and dedication toward Lord Vishnu, revived the life of her husband, Shobhan.

Ultimately, with the blessings of Lord Vishnu, Chandrabhaga and Shobhan lived a happy life together. Since then, Rama Ekadashi Vrat is observed in the name of Lord Vishnu, in his Avtar of Lord Krishna.
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