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Tulsi Das says:
With the dust of Guru’s lotus feet
I first clean the mirror of my heart and
Then I will tell of the great glory
Of Shri Ram,
The son of the dynasty of Raghuwar,
The one who gave the four great fruits
of this life.
I am an ignorant person, O Hanuman,
I beseech you, son of Pawan
to grant me strength, wisdom, knowledge
and take away all my troubles and miseries
May victory be yours, Hanuman – the ocean
of knowledge,
Victory to you who is known
in all the three worlds;
you are the enovy of Ram,
and you have unfathomable strength.
You are the son of Anjani
and well known as the heir of Pawan.
Mahaveer, you are so strong and full of power,
you are strong as lightning,
you are the companion of wisdom and
Your presence dispels darkness and dark thoughts.
You are golden in colour, O Hanuman,
Your ears have earrings and your hair is curly
Which makes you look so beautiful.
In your hand you have the mace of lightning,
in the other hand you have a flag.
The sacred thread made of munj grass is on your shoulder.
You are the reincarnation of Shiva and the son of Kesari.
The light that you emit is glorious
and is the talk of the whole world.
Listening to the glories of Lord Ram is ever dear to your ears
and you are ever ready to serve Lord Ram.
Ram, Lakshman and Sita dwell
in your heart forever.
You showed your very small size to Sita
but you changed into a huge dreadful form
when you burnt the city of Lanka.
You took the form of Bhim
when you killed all the Rakshas (demons)
and completed the task which Ram gave you.
Bringing the Sanjivini you revived Lakshman
and Sri Ram embraced you with great joy;
Ram had the highest praise for you
He said he loved you as he
loved his dear brother Bharat,
Narayan, the Lord of Lakshmi (in the guise of Ram)
hugged you to his heart and said that
(the five-hooded serpent on which Narayan rests)
always sings your praises.
Brahma, and the sons of Brahma, Narad
and all the other saints and gods sing your praise
Even Yama, Kuber and Digpal
are not tried of singing of your glory,
You obliged Sugriva and won for him his kingdom
with the blessing of Ram.
Vibhishan listened to your advice
and the whole world knows that
He became the king of Lanka.
Once you just swallowed the sun
which is very very far away
thinking it to be a lovely sweet fruit.
You held in your mouth the ring
Lord Ram gave to you
and no one wondered when you
leapt across the mighty ocean.
Very difficult tasks you have overcome in this world.
The gates to the abode of Ram are guarded by you
and no one can enter without your permission.
Under your care one can enjoy all happiness,
no one need fear once he is under your protection.
You are the only one who can control your own might.
All the three worlds tremble when you roar.
No evil spirits can trouble or be anywhere near your devotee
when they hear the name of you, O Mahaveer
one who chants your name all the time
is cured of all disease, sickness and pain.
You keep those that have you
in their heart, action, word and thought
from all the troubles of the world.
Ram, the great ascetic, is the king of all
and yet you helped him fulfil his tasks
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