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Celebrities - Anil Ambani
 Anil Ambani is a intellectual, philosophical, imaginative, solitary and psychically gifted man. He is attracted to all the things related to mythical and mystical. He is always seeking and searching for a deeper understanding on life, usually focusing on one or more particular areas. He is one to analyze probing for hidden information. He cannot accept things at face value so he are constantly questioning, though you do not like to be questioned yourself. He has a habit of understanding his talents and later potentials. He is favorites of everyone. He has wide circle of friends and admirers who try to help him in case of need. His brilliant and practical ideas have a magnetic attraction for others. He is good conversationalist, witty and lively. Though he takes prompt decision, he is quite unpredictable, ever changing and are always youthful. He is attractive and is surrounded by charming and influential community. To some people he seems like a wonderful friend, while to others he will seem two-faced and sneaky. He is happy and energetic when things go right for him. However, when things go wrong, he can be passive-aggressive and very mean. He fined decisions hard to make, since he can never stay with the one that he originally choose. One quality he has is the ability to lie and appear that he is telling the complete truth. He prefers to use someone else's solution to a problem than thinking of his own. He will be thinking about many things at a time and he can't concentrate on any particular thing at one time. The uncertainty of temperament does not favor lasting affairs and is the cause of much friction in their love life.

He is workaholic and ready to lead. He likes challenges. He is very imaginative in nature but at times his imagination knows no bounds and is nowhere close to reality. Anil always likes to experiment on new ideas and enjoys a life full of surprises. Influence of Saturn is not very favourable and can be a source of difficulties, disappointment and dejection. He is decently built and has good health. As Sun is the king of all the planets, he is dignified and proud. Position of Moon in conjunct with Saturn indicates one has a scientific temperament and receives education on foreign soil. It is advised that he remains far from politics /people connected to politics due to the weak position of Jupiter / Venus. Strong influence of Uranus will make him highly self-reliant, independent and active.

This year, 2008, is full of success. He will get good profits and returns. He will expand his business nicely. There will be ups and down in the life. He is advised not to involve in useless arguments as this leads to tensions. He has to struggle on some important part of his business. His health is matter of concern as he may have to face sudden unexpected problems and hurdles. This promises to be an excellent year full of major opportunities to work towards important goals. Relationships should benefit from the major positive energies working in his life now. Major relationships may go through a strengthening and bonding process.


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