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Lucky numbers
Here, we will discuss the numerological significance of an individual's name. This is arrived at by assigning numerical values according to a certain set of norms to each of the constituent letters of the name, and then calculating the numerological value and significance of the name.

In this book, Kabala: Ancient Secrets of Numerology, Sepharial writes:

'In our attempts to understand and interpret the influence of numbers over the destinies of men or over destiny of person, we need to establish a relationship between the person and the number or numbers that guide or influence his destiny. To determine this mysterious number, we need to unlock the name of that person in terms of numerical values. The numerical value of the concerned person's name must first be obtained by adding together the numbers that correspond to each letter of the name.'

Different numerologists have assigned different numerical values to alphabets based on the system or method they followed and considered most effective. We give here the numerical values assigned to various alphabets by some of the most respected numerologists.

The Helyn Hitchcock System :


One of the most straightforward systems of assigning numerical values to various alphabets was developed by Helyn Hitchcock. Numerical values were assigned to the first nine letters of the English alphabet. A was assigned the numerical value 1, B was assigned 2, C was assigned 3 and so on. This cycle of nine was then repeated for the remaining alphabets. The 10th letter of the alphabet- J - was assigned the numerical value 1, K was assigned numerical value 2 and so on.
The following value emerged in what is popularly known as the Helyn Hitchcock system.

English Alphabet Numerical Values
A, J, S 1
B, K, T 2
C, L, U 3
D, M, V 4
E, N, W 5
F, O, X 6
G, P, Y 7
H, Q, Z 8
I, R 9
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