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Numerology - Numbers 1 to 9 and Their Ruling Planets

Number 1 & 4 : Sign - Leo / Aquarius

  Number 1 (Ruling Planet: Sun / Day: Sunday)

Pythagoras identified this number with Godhead. It is the base of all numbers. It contains everything, and everything is derived from it. It is indivisible. It stands for ambition and assertion. It represents the positive side of life and creation. It is a number of success and power, achieved by determination and will-power. Consequently, Number 1 people are ambitious, and whatever be their occupation, they overcome all hurdles and impediments and, more often than not, rise to the top. These are the positive and good qualities associated with this number. The negative qualities are weakness, laziness, fear, and destruction.

What do we mean by negative qualities? We shall use this expression again and again in the context of other numbers, and it is necessary to explain this expression. When the Sun, presiding over number 1 at the time of birth, is weak, it does not bestow the positive qualities of ambition and assertion, determination and indefatigable energy on the native. Rather, the native is indolent and indecisive.

We are describing the influence of numbers in this chapter according to western numerologists. Varaha Mihir, the famous occultist of ancient India, who lived in the early Chiristian era, and was the author of several standard works in Sankrit, gives in his Hora Shastra3 , chapter VIII, the influence of several planets. In the first half of the chapter are described the good effects of the planet, i.e. when the plant is strong and well placed at birth. The adverse effects of the same planet are described in the second half of the chapter, i.e. when it is weak and ill placed in the chart. Numerology also follows the same rules.

The Sun is deemed strong if, besides the date of birth being 1 (or 10, 19, 28), the birth is on a Sunday, and between July 23 and August 23. This is so because the Sun is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Leo(July 23-August23). It will be even better if the native is born in the planetary hour of the Sun.

  Number 4 (Ruling Planet: Sun / Day: Sunday)

Number 4 is also governed by the Sun. Certain characteristics of Number 1 persons are found in Number 4 persons. But the lives of Number 4 persons are characterized by surprises and sudden events. If the Sun is strong, that is, if the birth is on a Sunday and on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or the 31st of any month; or the birth date is between July 23 and August 23, the Sun will be deemed strong. This is so because the Sun is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Leo (July 23- August23). Number 4 persons are honest, pushing and practical. They are thrifty and thus, able to accumulate money. But if the Sun is weak, the negative qualities of fault-finding, dullness and undue sternness characterize their temperament. This is a good number. It brings luck and money.

Perhaps one reason why modern numerologists have assigned this number to Herschel is that a certain amount of eccentricity may be found in Number 4 persons. They have a sharp critical faculty. They are inclined to take a contrary view of propositions that may be put to them. They argue well to show that they are right.

Somehow, the association of Number 4 people with those of Number 8, is not deemed fortunate. Number 4 people are advised not to live in a house which has a number in the series 8,17,26,35,44,53,62 and so on- numbers which, if reduced to their basic number, become number 8.

While dealing with number 4, it is relevant to refer to number 13 because 1+3=4. There were 13 persons at the table of Christ on the occasion of his Last Supper. Many people consider the number 13 unlucky. In fact, this prejudice has grown so strong that the expression 'unlucky 13' has become a part of the English language. Many persons will not sit on a chair marked 13. Many people hesitate to stay in room number 13. Many hoteliers mark their room numbers as 12, 12A and 14 to avoid assigning number 13 to a room.

Victor Hugo, the famous French author, had a strong prejudice against this number. He had to attend the National Assembly at Bordeux. His friends left Paris on 13th February, 1871. There were 13 persons in the saloon car in which he traveled. He was lodged at number 13 rue Saint Maur at Bordeux. The idea of number 13 so obsessed his mind that

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