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Numerology - Number 6 : Sign - Tauras / Libra
  Number 6 (Ruling Planet: Venus Day: Friday)

This number represents peace, harmony and cooperation. It also stands for aesthetics, love of beauty, decoration, flowers, sweet perfumes, and attraction between the sexes. The native is ruled by emotions. His nature is presided over by Venus, which governs pleasure and enjoyment, romance and poetry. On a lower plane, it signifies a craving for sensual pleasures. On a higher plane, it stands for poetry and divine love, where the basic instincts become sublime. The positive side of this influence results in domesticity, a good home, peace, harmony, spirit of service, and stability. The negative side results in disharmony, excessive indulgence in pleasure, carelessness, and instability in the affairs of the heart.

The Venusian influence is strong if a person is born on a Friday, in the planetary hour of Venus on the 6th, 15th or 24th, during the period April 21 to May 21, or between September 23 and October 24. This is so because Venus is the ruling planets of the zodiac signs Taurus (April 21-May 21) and Libra (September 23-October 24).

Persons born on any date, comprising the basic number 6, are attractive, and are prone to falling in love easily. If Venus is strong, the love is pure and lasting, but if the planet is weak or is associated with malefic aspects, the attraction will be sensual and transitory.

Number 6 people are strong-willed and not easily swerved from their path, except when they fall victim to the affairs of the heart. They prefer beauty and harmony, and want to live in attractive surroundings and with attractive people. They love art, perfumes, music, good dress, finery, and scenic beauty.

The only danger that besets Number 6 people is their extreme passion for pleasure, and the consequent dereliction of duty and responsibility.

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