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Numerology - Number 9 : Sign - Aries / Scorpio
  Number 9 (Ruling Planet: Mars Day: Tuesday)

We have referred to the significance of number 9. Among the basic numbers, this is considered the highest. It is a number of regeneration, reformation, energy, and enterprise. One peculiarity of this number is that when it is added to any number, the basic number does not change. You add 9 to 2 and go on adding 9, and the basic number will always be 2, such as 2, 11, 20, 29 and so on. Or add 9 to 3 and go on adding 9, and the series will remain 3 such as 3, 12, 21, 30 and so on.

Why should every 9th day or every 9th year produce similar effects? This is based on the western (not Vedic or Aryan) astrological principle that it takes the Moon about 9 days to cover a distance of approximately 120 degrees in the zodiac, and, thus, every ninth day, it forms a trine aspect to the radical positions (position of the planets at the time of birth in the horoscope). In other words, every ninth day the Moon and the planets are 120 degrees apart (1/3rd of the zodiac, the latter comprising 360 degrees). On the basis of the principle of progressed horoscopes, wherein, the 1st day represents the 1st year of life and the 2nd day represents the 2nd year of life, there is a similar effect every 9th day or 9th year.

We have referred to the 12-years, not only in the case of Number 9 persons but in the case of persons born on any other date too. When the 9-year cycle, which is the basis of the western system of numerology, is combined with the 12-year cycle, it produces 36 as the 1c.m., so that every 36th year, we have the combination of the 9-year and the 12-year cycles. In a span of 36 years, the 9-year cycle has occurred four times and the 12-years cycle, three times, And so, a similar trend in the course of life events may be felt after a lapse of 36 years. Of course, it is not possible for the identical event to recur after 36 years. Most men or women marry once, and if a person was married at the age of 30, it would be against common sense to say that he or she would marry at the age of 66. If one's father died at the age of 40, it would be ridiculous to suggest that one's father would die at the age of 76 too. So the prediction should be confined to the statement that a similar event, good or evil, would happen at the end of 36 years or near about.

To revert to number 9- it is presided over by Mars. When Mars is strong in the birth chart, the native is pushy and practical. He is generous and philanthropic, and endowed with daring and courage. These are the positive qualities of Mars. But when Mars is weak, the native is selfish, emotional, indiscreet, and wanting in valour. He is apt to dissipate his life.

Mars id deemed strong when the native is born on a Tuesday, in the planetary hour of Mars on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month-particularly between March 21 and April 21, or between October 24 and November 23. This is so as Mars is the ruling planet of the zodiac signs Aries (March 21-April 21) and Scorpio (October 24-November 23).

Number 9 people are mentally tough and are endowed with a fighting sprit. Their early years may represent a period of labour and toil, but their efforts are ultimately crowned with success. This is largely due to their undaunted spirit and unflagging zeal. Such persons are aptly suited for military work or for working in factories where fire is used.

The only drawback that Number 9 people suffer from is an over-daring temperament. They would do well to exercise prudence and caution. They have an enormous ego and tend to dominate with their opinions and authority. They are warmhearted. They are considered good friends and tough enemies.

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