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Numerology - Interpreting 'Good' and 'Bad' Influences

It is important here for readers to keep in mind that we are talking about 'types of influences' in this section and not specific results or events. In other words, for persons born during the same period, the influence in each year may be tangibly different in individual cases, according to the age, environment, heredity, and background circumstances, but the type of influence will be the same.

For example, when we say that a person will benefit from education, money, power, position and so on, it does not mean that every individual, falling in the decanate for which these observations have been made, will benefit from all the five factors named-education, money, power, position and so on. This observation has to be modified according to the circumstances of the individual concerned. If the person is a child, he may benefit in education, by doing well in his studies. No gain in money, power and position can be expected in the case of a child. Also, if he or she is too young to have a son, the prediction with regard to the son will not apply. A young lady may give birth to a son, but if she is too old to bear a child, she may benefit from her son or her son may do well that year. Thus, the rules of interpretation have to be modified in each case.

Similarly, the quantum of benefit cannot be alike in each case. For an ordinary person, a gain of a few thousand rupees may be substantial. For a multi-millionaire- only a gain of a million would constitute an outstanding event.


Types of Influence :


Instead of repeating the same delineations again and again, we are using the following code of A, B, C, and D. What each of these letters signifies is given below.


The theory behind these prognostications - the basis on which good or bad years have been indicated, would involve an in-depth knowledge of occult sciences and is beyond the scope of this book.

Code Significance

A new phase in life will be brought about by unfavorable circumstances, which will develop suddenly. The native will tend to become unnecessarily over-expressive and overbearing, and will break established ties and conventions. There will be a craving for novelty and new experience. There may be a death in the family or a separation. Friendships may break. Unmarried women may fall into undesirable traps. Married women may have worries connected with their husband. In health matters, the nervous system may be particularly affected.


This is a very powerful type of influence having far-reaching beneficial effects. It will bring, in its wake, new vistas, new sources of income and dealings with persons of great talent and abilities. If the native I in academics or involved in an intellectual vocation or profession, he may succeed in research or an invention. Single woman may happily tie the knots of matrimony. Married women may have a satisfactory relationship with their husband. In the case of children, there may be progress and recognition in education or their father may do well and have a greater quota of success. People connected with the stage will be especially lucky.

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