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Numerology - Numbers 41 to 50

The significance and interpretation of numbers 1 to 9 has been dealt with in great detail in " Numbers 1 to 9 & Planets " section of numerology.

Here we will give the interpretation of numbers beyond 9, so that the numerical values of alphabets in a name can be interpreted.

Numbers Significance

is a good number for worldly success, particularly, when working with large groups of people or concerns. Natives have good judgement, and are advised to carry out their own ideas, rather than be guided by others


is a good number. Success will be achieved with the help of persons holding high positions. There may also be augmentation of fortune due to love and affection from people of the opposite sex


is not a fortunate number. It indicates many handicaps, disturbances and upheavals upsetting the even tenor of life. Persistent difficulties present themselves, and efforts end in failure


is a number showing losses through speculation, betting, etc. Natives may be confronted with financial disasters and grave difficulties due to association with undesirable persons. Due care should be taken in choosing associates, and partnership in business is to be avoided. There may also be little happiness in conjugal life, and natives may let down by their partner


is a number symbolizing much energy and activity. Natives reach a high position by implementing their own ideas and creative abilities


is a powerful number. Natives achieve success in life due to good friends and a loving conjugal partner. Such people also thrive in a business partnership. Gain from persons of the opposite sex is predicted


indicates loss in money and prestige due to uncertainties, unreliable partners, business associates, and employees. Natives have to face trials and tribulations, and may also be let down by members of the opposite sex


is more of an idealistic number than a practical one. Natives draw up many schemes, but their plans are not executed because they cannot give them practical shape or implement them. Consequently, there is no material success


people have little ambition, and are not progressive in the worldly sphere. They lack in social warmth and remain isolated to their own disadvantage. Such people can progress more if they are more pushing and outgoing


is a very good number indicating success by contact with or by being a member of a large organisation or society. Natives have good judgement and a sense of discrimination. It would be more propitious to be guided by their own ideas and intuition than by the advice of others, which may not be so sound

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