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Numerology - Numbers 51 to 60

The significance and interpretation of numbers 1 to 9 has been dealt with in great detail in " Numbers 1 to 9 & Planets " section of numerology.

Here we will give the interpretation of numbers beyond 9, so that the numerical values of alphabets in a name can be interpreted.

Numbers Significance

is a very powerful number. Natives are bold, daring and pushing, and rise to the top, particularly, in the army, where chivalry and valour are the chief requirements. They are threatened with much enmity and opposition, and even run the risk of being physically hurt


is not a fortunate number; it signifies revolution and a topsy-turvy change in conditions. Struggles and strife are its marked features. There are many obstacles in the path of success, and failures are more likely


indicates a saturnine nature of over-vigilance and suspicion. In persons having well-developed positive qualities, this may add to the faculty of investigative powers, detective work, serious enquiry, and research. In persons of lower order, this faculty may take the form of racketeering, spying and cunning. The temperament is severe, but the nature is pushing


indicates the mercurial powers of eloquence and expression. Natives have a long life, good health and a successful career. They should take precaution against injury in the leg


denotes leadership, great energy and push. Success is achieved due to discriminating intelligence and a pioneering spirit


indicates weak lunar qualities of restlessness, changeability and a nervous disposition. Natives are often a victim or fraud by others, and are also let down by members of the opposite sex. They encounter many troubles and tribulations


indicates a pleasant disposition and sociable qualities. It brings material success by persistent application and hard work


indicates success in work connected with health, hygiene and dietetics. Natives are free and frank; but lack stability of the mind


indicates much traveling and communications; success in financial undertakings, banking, and commercial spheres. There is a tendency towards unfair practices and speculation which should be curbed


shows success in the legal and medical professions in highly developed natives, i.e. those coming from well-educated families of long standing. It also confers executive abilities. Natives have a pleasing and cheerful disposition. In intellectually underdeveloped persons, it may show a spirit of defiance and insubordination

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