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relationship between Pisces-Aries Cusp and Libra A
Confrontational Honesty
Best at : Friendship Worst at : Financial

This relationship involves a great deal of honesty and openness—perhaps too much; its success will depend, in fact, on its ability to cope with direct confrontations. These challenges may demand adjustments that are at odds with the basic nature of both personalities, and that they feel compromise their individuality. Giving in to the other partner’s demands in a desperate effort to please, and to make the relationship work, may result in a loss of pride and self-esteem. Meaningful compromise is essential if the relationship is to work out in the long term, but giving ground may, unfortunately, be difficult or impossible. Battles between the partners will put tremendous strains on day-to-day living.
This is particularly true in sexual and financial matters, but in many other areas, too, the negative emotions created by the frank attitudes characteristic of this relationship are often too much to handle and arouse insecurity and unhappiness. The spotlight here often falls on the Pisces-Aries personality and what Libra I finds wrong with it. Should these two live together, as family members, malts or friends, Libra Is may see themselves as advisers to their Pisces-Aries partners, whose problems they will try to solve and whose needs they will tend. Pisces-Aries can, for their part, come to depend on this support and may even hold on to certain problems because they provide a way to gain attention. Libra IV however can easily swing from over interest to disinterest, leaving Pisces-Aries baffled.
Pisces-Aries generally make few demands on Libra I''.s in terms of asking them to change, but one request they will certainly make is that the Libra I’s open up and be sympathetic Emotional honesty is so important to Pisces-Aries that if they cannot get it from their partner they will become depressed, unhappy and restless to avoid these funks, they will keep pushing harder for honesty, even if this leads to unpleasantness Real progress can be made in this relationship by open discussion, as long as fairness and justice keep such communication from degenerating into continual bickering.

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Try to be more responsive. Show sympathy and love openly. Demand emotional honesty. Doní t Sbe afraid to fight, but avoid bickering.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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