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relationship between Pisces-Aries Cusp and Aquarius - Pisces Cusp
A Sheltered Cove
Best at : Love Worst at : Marriage

This relationship tends to serve as a haven of peace and security. Although it affords an intimacy that can be satisfying Co both partners, however, it can also become a kind of lost world, one predicated on Lulling vital ties with society. And should it turn into a buried inner sanctum in this way, it may stagnate, drift or fall apart, particularly if it lacks practical and pragmatic strengths. Building a more structured existence, particularly one firmly linked to the outside world, should be the overriding consideration here. Pisces-Aries is the more likely of the two partners to try to move in this direction, since the Aquarius-Pisces probably tends to fixate more on either abstract or personal concerns.
The matchup may be particularly successful in the area of friendship. Both Pisces-Aries and Aquarius-Pisces are hard-driving career people who need to relax, in close and enjoyable companionship, during their spare lime, and a relationship between them may bring them to new heights in this area, since there is a synergy between their aesthetic and intellectual sensibilities. Emotional satisfaction is indicated here by the influence on both partners of watery Pisces, signifying feelings: each party is likely to have antennae out for the other’s moods and unconscious wishes. Marriages and love affairs between these two are a bit more problematic and are not particularly recommended. They too can succeed, however, providing a degree of objectivity prevails and the relationship does not succumb to extremes of isolation. In love affairs, Aquarius-Pisces should be encouraged to lower their defenses and rediscover their emotional vulnerabilities; Pisces-Aries can be extremely helpful and understanding in this respect, though they will have to prove themselves in order to gain the trust of Aquarius-Pisces mates, who are likely to be very wary of letting down their guard. Should Pisces-Aries abuse this trust or show that they are unworthy of it, the relationship will mast likely end then and there—no second chance will be granted. The knowledge that one big mistake might well lie the relationship''s last puts the Pisces-Aries partner in a rather precarious position.

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Keep windows open to the world. Don''t get bogged down. Avoid the tendency to drift. Get a grip on yourself and develop motivation.
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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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