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relationship between Gemini B and Gemini A
Chewing What You Bite
Best at : Marriage Worst at : Sibling
This relationship may make its participants pursue unusual experiences in order to further their own development. As a couple they are much more intuitive than they are individually. Mentally oriented, separately they operate in a quick-witted son of way, often acting brashly on their first idea. Together, though, they can examine the issues, think things through and rationally envision the results of their actions-assuming that they sit still long enough to put their heads together rather than jumping into the deep end first. Since they favor large-scale endeavors, it is vital that they engage their synergistic capacity for seeing the bigger picture. Otherwise they may be biting off more than they can chew.

In love affairs, this couple may be objectively well suited in many ways. Despite their mercurial mutual strengths (speedy, communicative, clever), however, Gemini IIís long for a quiet, deep, powerful partneró perhaps a projection of their own dark side. There is a conflict between what they may need (a Gemini I rather like themselves) and what they want (a shadow projection, their opposite). Gemini Iís can be corne quit frustrated over this, especially since they know things should be going well here.

Marriages in this combination may be interesting, filled with activity, travel and interest. Surprisingly stable, they can last for years, brimming with vivacity, before the partners begin to tire of each other Neither of these two is well grounded, but Gemini Is are usually the more practical of the two and may grow impatient with Gemini II lack of focus. Still, the relationship's emotional instabilities can often be resolved through dedication to a large-scale project, such as raising children.

Gemini I-Gemini II friendships are original in their approach, but they may not be strong enough in unite these two in a bond that will overcome their individual flightiness. Work and family relationships may offer those around them little peace whether the partners are getting along or not, the noise level may prove intolerable. The solution can be virtually locking them up and letting them work things out in private.
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Be considerate of others. Find a place to he alone. Beware of exhibitionistic tendencies. Quiet down. Meditate. Turn off the motor.
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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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