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relationship between Cancer A and Leo C
Likes and Dislikes
Best at : Marriage Worst at : Friendship

Trying to determine what each person warns or needs, and incorporating this into the relationship, isa strong theme here. Leo III scan bring out the aggressive side of Canter Is, who likewise can bring out passivity in Leo Ms. The relationship is likely to feature wide swings of mood, with The partners expressing what they like and dislike about each other with bewildering frequency.
Both somewhat aggressive, Cancer I''s and Leo Ills do not hesitate to pursue their desires—provided they can identify them. Their ability to help each Other do this is their relationship''s greatest strength Complex Leo Ill''s would Seem capable of dominating Cancer Is, but, curiously, it is Cancer Is who often wind up being the bosses here, through their ability to sense, understand and either satisfy or frustrate the wants and needs of this particular partner. At the same time, the heroic qualities of Leo Ill''s can be inspiring for Cancer Is when they are out in the world. Affectionate and loving feelings are often expressed in this relationship.
Constancy and moderation arc hard to achieve in love affairs here, but are worthy goals. Leo Ills need l calm and warm domestic environment in which to wind down from their high-energy work, and Cancer Is may be able to provide it. Cancer I empathy can also be pui to use fathoming and soothing this partner s dark and volcanic side. Leo Ill''s will provide the direction in marriages and love affairs, generally playing a sympathetic and protective role.
But for its instabilities, however, the Cancer 1-LeoIH relationship could be a true haven for both partners. It is to their advantage, then, to try to stabilize a marriage, work or family situation, eliminating upsetting influences as much as possible. Leo III bosses and parents can gain great satisfaction from providing for Canter) employees and children, hut it may in fact be Cancer I''s who have more ability to grant psychological benefit to Leo Ill''s—they certainly have this partner''s best interests at heart. Thus the relationship can be .in interesting blend of mutually helpful influences.

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Beware of'' power struggles. Work for the common good. Stabilize your relationship. Share duties and beware of sexist attitudes,
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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