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relationship between Cancer-Leo Cusp and Pisces B
Filling in the Gaps
Best at : Marriage Worst at : Co-worker

As different as these two are their relationship proves relaxed, natural and easy. Each partner compensates for the others weaknesses without stress or strain. Pisces III are strong in introspection, and will influence Cancer-Leos to develop their more sensitive and spiritual side. Cancer-Leo social strengths Will help Pisces IIs come into more meaningful contact with their fellows. Thus the relationship will ameliorate the difficulties of both partners—the Cancer-Leo inability to get in touch with their feelings and the Pisces II tendency to isolate themselves. Actually, both partners risk becoming unduly dependent on each other and on the relationship. They should concentrate on assimilating what they learn into their character so that they can augment their personal growth as individuals and interact with others more effectively in the future.
In love affairs and marriages, each person is usually open to the other, psychologically and physically. Although Cancer-Leo is a water-fire combination and Pisces 11 is a water sign, the relationship is ruled by earth, an element here suggesting a sensuous connection. The relationships practical, grounded outlook benefits both partners, particularly Pisces IIs, who sometimes have difficulty discharging everyday responsibilities. Friendships between these two are easy and comfortable. Neither partner tries to create problems, and both seek out their relationship as a relief from the stresses of other areas of life. In the family, matchups between a, parents and children, and other relatives are comparatively peaceful, but might be ineffectual in times need unless an effort is made to deepen them. In the long run, though, it can be beneficial for these two to problems and difficulties together, for this will create closer ties and foster understanding. Cancer-Leo and Pisces II co-workers get along well personally but may make an ineffective team for get-the job done fast. Matchups at the executive level are often better able to meld these partners'' individual and talents.

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Deepen your understanding of each other. Don''t avoid difficulties. Beware of overdependence. Enrich and broaden your character.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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