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relationship between Virgo B and Aquarius C
Freedom from Negativity
Best at : Marriage Worst at : Love

This relationship faces two major challenges around the issue of freedom. The first is to help free the manners from their own negative thought patterns and low self-esteem. The second, assuming that the first can be tackled, is the preservation and celebration of the partners'' individual freedom while honoring the relationship. Although these two seem quite different from the outside (Virgo IIs more reserved. Aquarius Ill''s vivacious), they actually have a lot in common. They are both sensitive to criticism, yet do not hesitate to voice their own critical dissatisfaction with the world They also tend to play the victim—listening to them, one would think they had had a bad time of it, but there is an element of dramatic self-pity, and an inability to let go of the past, in most of their stones. Together these two can work at releasing their negative thoughts and habits— their simultaneous negativity seems to be so unbearable that the dam bursts and they mend their ways. They both (not just Aquarius Ills) may have problems with acceptance and they both (not just Virgo II) may be hard to figure out.
The closer these two get in romantic relationships, the more insecurity they may feel. Each is usually afraid of being rejected or abandoned by the other partner, usually in favor of a competitor who is better looking, more intelligent, more capable, etc. This relationship can heal their low self-esteem, but not miraculously— both partners must work on their own problems, occasionally touching base. In marriages the emphasis is more on the careful allowance of individual freedom of action, style, even taste.
Parent-child relationships find Virgo II parents somewhat severe and demanding, Aquarius III children stubborn and rebellious, Aquarius III parents, on the other hand, can be quite neglectful of their Virgo II children, leaving them pretty much to their own devices. Friendships and work matchups in this combination tan reinforce both negative attitudes and the partners feeling that the world is hostile and uncaring. At work this tendency will have an unfortunate effect on the team''s projects.

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Respect your differences, and don ft try to gloss over or eliminate them. Solve your own problems. Try to emancipate yourself from old scripts.
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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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