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relationship between Virgo-Libra Cusp and Pisces-Aries Cusp
A Balancing Act
Best at : Love Worst at : Family

The cusps of Pisces-Aries and Virgo-Libra fall on the spring and the fall equinoxes, respectively; this rare and unusual matchup, then, is governed by the year’s only equinoctial opposition, the only moment to carry the perfectly balanced energies of equal-length days and nights. As you might expect, the relationship between Pisces-Aries and Virgo-Libra is highly magnetic and magical, and is filled with mutual fascination, particularly in the area of physical or aesthetic sensuousness. (Should it manifest in the area of love, in fact, it may well evolve into a more permanent situation.) Pisces-Aries are emotion-and-intuition types (their elements being water and fire) and Virgo-Libras are sensation-and-thought types (their elements being earth and air): they share no common element in their makeup and have very different capabilities and outlooks. A relationship that joins them, however, combines all four elements equally and, although it may require some balancing and finesse of energies, is synergistically more powerful than the individuals who make it up.
Pisces-Aries are stronger in the subjective sphere. Virgo-Libras in the objective one. Pisces-Aries tend to be dreamers following hunches and expressing themselves directly; Virgo-Libras often find it hard to express deep feelings and feel more comfortable dealing with down-to-earth, everyday concerns. As a working duo, whether of parents, co-workers, teammates or business partners, each can offer what the other lacks. Between them they cover the bases.
Problems arise between these two when Pisces-Aries grow impatient with a quality of Virgo-Libras that they see as superficiality or a concern with the surface phenomena of life. Virgo-Libras, on the other hand, may see Pisces-Aries as overly troubled or too involved with emotional matters that get them bogged down in inaction or indecision. They may also often feel that Pisces-Aries lack common sense and tend to fly off impulsively in the wrong direction. Accused of impracticality, Pisces-Aries may charge Virgo-Libras with being too materialistic. Despite the strong attraction in this relationship, it can begin to wane if the partners begin to lose respect or each other with their manifest differences leading to serious animosity and conflict.

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Work together Maintain respect. Accept differences; use them to your benefit. Recognize emotional needs. Be more accepting and less combative.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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