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relationship between Libra A and Gemini C
Open to Scrutiny
Best at : Friendship Worst at : Work

Although this relationship is imbued with endurance and tenacity, it is challenged by the task of balancing its partners'' energies so that they can keep their sights on their goals. Gemini and Libra are air signs, connected with thought, but the Gemini Ill-Libra I relationship is governed by fire, the element of drive and passion This pair will be involved in leaping large hurdles. Separately neither of them has much staying power, but together they can outlast anyone.
Largely because of their ability to achieve, Gemini Ill-Libra I relationships can be powerfully influential to those around them. They often harbor a blind spot, however; the partners don''t realize how open their private affairs are to the scrutiny of others. Their passionate impulses, for example, are visible to all. Moreover, scare fiery enough that they sometimes threaten to burn down structures—family, business or otherwise— they have taken years to build, probably terrifying the other people involved. The balance needed here will agreements, whether verbal or unspoken, to act in a way that promotes harmony and minimizes upset for all concerned.
Perhaps the most challenging kind of relationship for this pair is marriage, or living together as adults. First, they will have to limit the frequency of their sexual contact to forestall a neurotic effect on other areas of life, and lo avoid burnout. Second, they will have to be strictly honest with each other about their activities with other people, and about the time they spend away from home. Third and most important, they must establish an umbrella of mutual trust and respect that will reconcile Libra I critical tendencies and Gemini 111 vagueness and lack of commitment. Friendships in this combination can work well as long as extremes of feeling art avoided Career match ups are rarely advisable, however since the pairs high degree of subjective involvement is detrimental to the quality of their work. In family relationships, Libra 1 parents may feel they have everything running smoothly with regard to their Gemini III child, when the truth is just the opposite.

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Too much control is not the answer. Normalize relationships. Hiding the truth has unseen effects. Cultivate honesty, openness and trust.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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