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relationship between Libra A and Aries B
Career Goals
Best at : Work Worst at : Marriage

This relationship usually focuses on career. Aries IPs and Libra Is characteristically share a drive toward success and this becomes the core of their relationship. They may quite possibly meet as co-worker’s on a project and then decide to broaden their relationship when the job is done, or even while continuing to work together. They are both competitive people, and their ambition is often reflected in the intensity of their love or friendship. In such cases they must beware of burnout, for if they spend all their time working together, either their public or their private relationship is bound to suffer
Libra I''s may drive Aries II spouse’s crazy with their indecision and procrastination. Their efforts to present themselves as decisive will only make things worse, being quickly exposed as self-delusive by Aries Q''s whose expectations have not been met. Aries TI''s for their part will be stung by Libra I criticism and perfectionism. After HI, they like being just what they are (and being admired for it), whereas Libra I''s are born reformers who think they can improve anyone or anything. In objective pursuits, the Aries IT motio is "If it works, don’t fix it." Libra Ts. on the other hand, usually can’t keep their itchy hands from trying to making things run more smoothly.
These Two are ardent lovers. Extremely attentive to their partner’s romantic and sensual needs, Aries Us and Libra I''s may carry on a long-standing sexual relationship. If their desires remained unspoken, things would probably work out fine, but Libra I''s always want to talk about everything, particularly what they think feeds improvement. Sooner or later Libra I perfectionism will take its toll on Aries II''s, who can’t stand being constantly analyzed and corrected. Eventually the Libra T checklist of what they would like done for or to them in intimate situations will begin to bother Aries II''s, who like to be themselves and to follow their intuition, avoiding fixed routines. The best outlet for this combination will always be career. If bent on the same goals. These two can accomplish more together than apart. Setting aside their differences in the name of achievement is possible and profitable for them.

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Try to identify dearly the goals you share, and put your focus there. Back off—your involvement is too heavy. Let things happen as they will
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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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