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relationship between Capricorn A and Pisces-Aries Cusp
The Flagship
Best at : Work Worst at : Marriage

This match up beautifully illustrates the synergistic merging of two very different personalities into a third entity, their relationship, which can be far more successful than either will be alone. Although Capricorn I''s are strong people, their authoritarianism does not necessarily make them successful leaders; Pisces-Aries, meanwhile, have the imagination and fantasy to spark new ideas but are often too flaky and undisciplined to take them anywhere. Yet the relationship between these two, particularly if it appears in the commercial or social arenas, has leadership written all over it and may give dynamic direction, guidance and inspiration to a wide range of projects.
Domestic life, however, is a different story. Interpersonally, the authoritarian attitudes of Capricorn Is will be difficult for Pisces-Aries to accept should these two find themselves living together as mates or siblings. And Capricorn I’s for their part will be critical of Pisces-Aries'' imaginative schemes and at times lackadaisical attitudes. Thus a marriage between these two may have direction and energy yet still fail due to emotional conflicts. It can work out only if Pisces-Aries accept the need of Capricorn I’s to call the shots, and if Capricorn I''s accept the extreme individuality of the Pisces-Aries personality without attempting to suppress it. Marriage may also work letter if the partners lead very separate lives, engaging in many mutually exclusive activities—yet even so, power struggles will inevitably arise at home. On the other hand, since Capricorn I’s have such difficulty opening up emotionally, both as lovers and mares, Pisces-Aries energy can prove invaluable in allowing them to discover and express their deepest emotions—particularly those concerned with kindness, love and acceptance. In this sense the relationship may prove curative. And Capricorn I parents (born in the Week of the Ruler) and Pisces-Aries children (born on the Cusp of Rebirth) will find themselves in roles that resemble those of their basic personalities, so this too, may be a comfortable fit. in the reverse-case scenario, the Capricorn I child may eventually come to assume a more mature and responsible role relative to a quite childlike Pisces-Aries parent.

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Share feelings openly. Minimize power struggles. Trust in your relationship''s power. Work together efficiently. Keep the faith.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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