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relationship between Aries C and Leo C
A Search for Common Goals
Best at : Work Worst at : Family

Aries 111 and Leo III occupy a position trine to each other (120* apart in the zodiac), so conventional astrology predicts an easy relationship between them. Rut this is rarely the case. These two strong individuals both want to involve themselves in the world and the main theme of their relationship will always be the search to identify and achieve objectives. The search, moreover, will always be as important as the achievement, if not more so. The consequence is that these two arouse each other's competitive instincts like few other match ups in the year Bringing out the worst in each other (as well as the best), they find it extremely hard to achieve a true sense of unity. Both are born leaders, and should they be able to function together in an executive capacity, they are capable of leading any group, company, social or sports endeavor to new heights, and of inspiring commitment and drive in those who work for them. It is equally possible, however, that their power struggles will tear their projects apart, and that their ego struggles will prevent them from focusing on the common good.
Leo Ill's are extremely difficult to get close to emotionally. In love and marriage they require extremely understanding partners and mates, and Aries Ills don't always have the time or inclination (but often do have the psychological talent) to unravel the mysteries of their darker side. Still, in times of need and trouble, Aries Ill's may be among the few people Leo Ills tan turn to in order to relieve their pain and torment.
Children of this pair may not find either parent very empathic, but generally speaking, Aries Ills make the more sympathetic parent of these two; Leo Ill's are prone to spoiling their favorite child, and can thus arouse antagonistic jealousy not only in their other children but in their mate as well. Family confrontations between Leo Ill's and Aries Ills may be real knock-down, drag-out affairs that leave other relatives out of breath or exhausted. Such battles arise often, particularly over issues of power, with Aries Ills proceeding more out of ideological motives and Leo Ill's more out of personal ones.

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Leaders should never forget their constituency. Listen to what others say about you. Don''t be afraid to admit errors. Stay unified.
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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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