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relationship between Aquarius A and Cancer C
A Hole in the Market
Best at : Work Worst at : Family

Here is an example of two people''s strengths combining to form an even stronger and more third entity. Although Cancer is a water sign and Aquarius air, this relationship is governed by earth, in this case connoting passion and dedication. When Cancer Ills and Aquarius Is set. Their on something, little will dissuade them from their aim. Especially knowing and intelligent in business, the relationship is quick in perceiving and filling holes in the market. In this and other areas of life, its ii strength allows its partners to follow their hunches and pull needed information seemingly out of nowhere a helpful talent in times of crisis.
Love affairs here are often heavy and demand total involvement. The partners generally know when their lover is backing off emotionally, so faking responses is not a viable alternative—these relationships demand honesty. If a new involvement comes along, these partners will want to hear about it from each not from someone else. Marriages are most successful when power struggles can be put to rest from the start. The Cancer III will usually assume the dominant role, but the Aquarius I is capable of challenging this tendency. Once the power issue is resolved, the relationship may well find itself in a leadership position, at the center of its social or family group. Inventive in the extreme and capable of sharing whatever each has, no matter how little that is, friendships in this combination show marked improvisational talents, family, Cancer Ill-Aquarius I sibling pairs and parent-child combinations can be expected to disagree over the basic direction the family will take, particularly concerning matters of education, housing, and religion or ideology. In career matchups, these two are an excellent team, with Cancer Ill''s contributing practical skills hardheaded organizational abilities while Aquarius Is apply their quick intelligence to troubleshoot and problems. Aquarius Is have a penchant, however, for stretching their credit to the limit or simply spending more than they earn, and Cancer Ill''s will have to keep a sharp eye on this habit.

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Settle power issues. Compromise on matters of ideology. Investigate the facts thoroughly. Donít assume you are beaded in the right direction.
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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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