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relationship between Aquarius - Pisces Cusp and Libra-Scorpio Cusp
A Good Fit
Best at : Friendship Worst at : Love

These two can fit together as easily as hand and glove. Libra-Scorpio and Aquarius-Pisces are usually quite different from each other, but they are in trine aspect in the zodiac (120° apart), a position usually implying natural and free-flowing energies. As easy as the relationship may be, though, it often engages in difficult or even impossible tasks. Interestingly, this is an example of a relationship that gives its partners something they lack individually—in this case, vision and the pragmatism to realize it. Having a goal or objective is inevitable here, with the partners often constituting a formidable combination that can arouse not only wonder but antagonisms and jealousies in the outside world. Not one to compromise, this matchup does things on its own terms. It is often able to touch the deepest emotional areas in other people, who instinctively realize that even if they are opposed to it, it represents the wave of the future.
Without a cause to devote themselves to love affairs and marriages can show wide differences of opinion, which may lead to struggle, despite the ease with which these two communicate. Although the sensuality between them can be pronounced, Libra -Scorpios may get on the nerves of more sensitive Aquarius-Pisces, who, in turn, may try to force Libra-Scorpios to mute their outgoing side. As a result, frustrations can build up on both sides. The key to success here is for the partners to show more interest in the relationship itself, approaching it with the same fervor they would grunt more idealistic or objective pursuits. In the family sphere, sibling pairs, particularly of the same sex, are usually competitive but also mutually supportive.
Friendships and work relationships can be outstanding, and often overlap. When placed in the service of a cause, whether social, commercial or artistic, the relationship can be rebellious against outworn tastes and deals. An element of the prophetic accompanies this attitude; the match up has a pretty good idea what it plans to substitute for the status quo.

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Don''t take your relationship for granted. Don''t get carried away by ideals. Keep your feet on the ground. Learn to inspire others without arousing envy.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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