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relationship between Pisces B and Leo C
Breathing Space
Best at : Sibling Worst at : Marriage

THIS relationship does best when its partners have a great deal of independence from each other in daily life. It''s not that they aren''t close—on the contrary; it''s just that the Leo III—Pisces II relationship is usually at its most healthy when both partners have enough breathing space and don''t feel crowded. Although Pisces IIs are generally the more introverted of these two, they have an extroverted side that the relationship can activate. They will also be sensitive to the needs of their partner in this combination, which Leo Ills will appreciate, although this does not mean that Pisces II''s will ultimately be able to satisfy them or even be interested in doing so.
In the bedroom, Leo Ill''s may prove too demanding for Pisces IIs, who often prefer to keep it light Should Pisces IIs get deeply involved emotionally, on the other hand—a very big if—they may have trouble kiting go of their powerful leonine mates, and in extreme cases may manifest a sex-and-love addiction. The problem for Pisces IIs is that Leo Ill''s can give a great deal of intensity to a love affair without being really involved at a deep emotional level. The extreme independence of thought and action that is the byproduct of this matchup may make marriage difficult or impossible.
Friends and siblings in this combination are likely to relate very well, especially if they don''t have to see each other that often. They may depend on each other quite heavily for advice in times of stress. Here the relationship stresses mutual support and represents a font of understanding for its partners.
Working relationships between Leo Ill''s and Pisces IIIs are best formed in situations where they are not closely cooperating co-workers but are independent of each other and able to make their own decisions, perhaps consulting with each other from time to time. As business partners they must be sure to have a good bookkeeper, accountant and financial adviser, for their skills in this area are not always the best.

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Get your emotions sorted out. Decide bow deeply you want to get involved. Walk your own path. Give unconditionally and fully.
In Association with :
The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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