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Relationship between Gemini B and Gemini B

Heavy Verbal Traffic

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Family

Verbal traffic is at an all-time high between these two communicators. Being together gives them the green light, and they are likely to shift into high gear fast. One danger is that the stream of words may eventually become no more than a hum or buzz. Another is that these motor mouths'' mutual love of debating can take over the relationship, creating a win-at-all-costs attitude. The question is: Do they talk to each other or at each other'' Listening is a challenge here, and listening is at least half of the communicative process. Furthermore, since both of these Gemini Us have their own, highly individual language, comprehension between them nm not at first be high. Should the relationship gel, they may create their own private language, communicating with each other easily but having difficulty being understood by others.
If lovers in this combination want to deepen their relationship, they must try to put aside language in favor if physical, emotional and even spiritual communication. Nothing will more quickly put a damper on ecstatic sexual or romantic experiences than talking them to death, or analyzing them—either during or after. Marriages are likely to be hectic, even frenetic or, occasionally, hysterical, Gemini IIs pay attention to details, and there are usually enough of these needing attention around the house to keep them busy for years. Should a mutual preoccupation with trivia prevail, the marriage may approach the obsessional and neurotic. Worry and anxiety are enemies here.
Friendships and work relationships may alleviate stress by objectifying emotions and putting the emphasis respectively on fun-filled activities and on getting the job done. But stress will increase enormously when problems arise or quotas and deadlines are not met, and the question is whether the relationship will have be resources to hang in there and cope with it. Gemini II verbal skills can sometimes be put to use solving problem and planning for the future. Within the family h if the Gemini II stream of language is not well directed, endless debates, fights and misunderstandings are likely to occur.

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Practice listening Find a quiet place inside, for example by practicing meditation. Learn to turn off the motor. Make a greater effort to be understood.

In Association with :

The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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