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Relationship between Virgo A and Virgo A

To the Last Detail

Best at : Work

Worst at : Love

Two Virgo I''s can make an excellent match, but whether they will choose each other is another story— they most often pick people very different from themselves for their involvements. Service-oriented to the extreme, they can work well together in a variety of different settings. Because they both can fuels assistants or co-workers, there should be little conflict between them over who takes the leadership le, unless a strong executive is not available and the group is in need of direction.
In love affairs and marriages Virgo Is tend to become involved either with strong figures, for whom they can assume the role of helpmate, or with needy people in whose company they can satisfy their need to serve, choices sometimes turn out to be mistakes, bur they do arouse Virgo I feelings, and this polarity is ml in their relationships with other Virgo Is. It is unlikely, then, that sparks, of passion will fly here, even though the pair may have quite a satisfying physical relationship. Romance is also apt to be lacking in Virgo ages, although practical considerations and the day-to-day running of a household will usually take up of the partners energies and keep them fairly happy.
Friendships, family relationships and career matchups between Virgo Is may overlap. Should they meet the first time on the job, they will usually be able to work together effectively as long as their duties and goals are well defined. Not always interested in really imaginative projects, they tend to put their efforts into practical endeavors that are well grounded and yield solid results, Virgo 1 friends can count on each other in times of need. As family members they have a feeling for tradition and for doing things in a structured, preordained way, and are quite likely to go into business together, or to cooperate in heading up a sports, religious, political or community group. Communication tends to be close here—most rules and values are tacitly understood without being spoken.

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