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Relationship between Aries B and Aries B

Stellar Twins

Best at : Work

Worst at : interpersonal

Two Stars—is there room for both in the same firmament? Probably r but under one roof it can get pretty chancy. Both parties in this relationship need to be at the center of things, which may be a simple impossibility As siblings or as parents, these two are likely to slug it out for attention, with the stronger or more tenacious u inning out. There are really no winners in such conflicts, and the two Stars are better off coming to a mutual decision not to fight, and to shine peacefully in their own spheres.
Love affairs between these two are likely to be tempestuous, adversarial, and mercifully short. Were they to run longer, both lights would risk burnout in a massive supernova. Rebound from such an intense relationship is likely to be attempted with a much more passive and less demanding type. After a torrid affair, two Aries II s are unlikely to continue as friends—there is usually little left in this kind of relationship after the passion has cooled.
Marriage between two Aries IIs must only be attempted with great care and great courage. Ideally, it should also involve shared work or career. Power struggles and stress usually build up exponentially in this relationship, depriving both partners of rest. In all honesty, Aries H''s are such extreme personalities that they usually do better with more normal, less remarkable types than with each other. Most Aries II''s demand that a partner be something of an orbiting satellite around them; should that partner lie another Star, this demand will obviously not be satisfied
For the same reasons, the friendship of an Aries II has its limits, but if both partners have their own, mutually exclusive circle of friends, or sets of satellites, things may work out. The less these two share in the way of human resources the better, although at work they may be surprisingly good at sharing space, equipment and ideas, as long as limits are firmly set and drawn.

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Relinquish center stage. Power struggles take away from creative energy. Promote equality. Secure your own area. Work on common goals.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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