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Relationship between Libra B and Libra B

The Vantage Point

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Love

Although Libra IIs devote a great deal of their time to family and professional groups, when paired they are apt to shut out as much of the world as possible and enjoy some relative isolation together From this vantage point, their interest in other people is no less keen—they simply are absolved from any responsibility to interact. Nor do they feel any less need to share their observations of others'' psychologies; indeed, this kind of interest can become the focus of their relationship. Friends and acquaintances may seek out this pair, either individually or as a unit, to confide in—an involvement that eventually may acquire a professional aura.
Love affairs between Libra IIs tend to be romantic but, alas, also unrealistic. Perhaps not well suited to each other at all, Libra II''s may be swept away on a magic carpet of euphoria that, unfortunately, may come back down to earth all too quickly. Basically, this can occur because both partners pursue what they want without giving much thought to what they need. They could well share in professional activities in the social-service area. It is most likely that family members will regularly consult these two for advice and insight. The Libra II tendency to be over strict with their children may in fact be mitigated by their matchup, since they are often quite critical of each other''s attitudes in this regard.
Friendships involving this combination can lie a lot of fun if kept light. Partners should avoid depending heavily on each other for emotional support or demanding an inordinate amount of attention. Such relationships can certainly be the life of the party, but afterward this pair likely will provide the most insightful commentary during the postmortem.
Forming a business, or working for one, that deals with human services is quite possible for a pair of Libra II’s. Making it work financially is another matter, however—this duo will be more successful as part of a team, the other members of which can supply the practical skills they lack.

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Don''t just stand back and watch—get personally involved with others. Try to be more realistic in matters of love. Insist on what you need.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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Very humble and down to earth person filled with positivity. It was wonderful meeting Panditji and gaining his guidance to the right path. 26th April 2018

Karishma Smith