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Relationship between Scorpio B and Scorpio B

Well-Nigh Unassailable

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Work

This would appear to lie an unavoidably heavy match up but does not have to be. Although both of these partners may play a commanding role in their relationships with other people, in their own relationship they can be surprisingly undemanding. This is because they respect each others power and fed little need to impress someone they consider at least as powerful—and as dangerous—as themselves with an aggressive or threatening stance. Their relationship, then, is often stable, self-assured and, at least as far as attacks from outside are concerned, well-nigh unassailable.
True, in times of emotional frustration these two can sink to all-time depressive lows together, and it will be hard for them to drag each other out of their mutual funk. Love affairs and marriages thus afflicted can experience great pain and suffering. The partners are no strangers to such phenomena, however, and will often manage to live with these difficulties for years, hanging in there without quitting and sometimes even overcoming or simply outlasting their problems. Third parties who make the mistake of trying to intrude, perhaps feeling that they can make one of the lovers happier, may get a double sting from this Scorpionic duo before they depart wiser
Scorpio II’s may be a bit too wary arid suspicious of each other to make good business partners. Not so much conflict as a kind of quiet paranoia may keep them from trusting each other enough to allow the kind of freedom either of them will need to conclude business deals and work on developing products or marketing strategies. As siblings and friends, they will serve to toughen each other up and will also often protect each other from outside threat, for example from parents, jealousy and competitiveness may be a problem for them, however, in relation to a common lover, parent or friend. Still, Scorpio H''s know how to put such considerations aside in favor of preserving their own relationship.

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Nip depressions in the bud when possible. Beware of competition and jealousies. Loyalty can also be repressive. Don''t hold on to your pain.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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Panditji has very graceful personality. In my life I have seen very few people who give so much positive energy, the moment you see them. His predictions and suggestions are very correct and effective. I personally experienced it. I am very lucky, that I met him.

Milind Chaturvedi