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Relationship between Aries C and Aries C

Constant Struggle

Best at : Co-worker

Worst at : Marriage

The prevailing theme in this relationship may unfortunately be frustration, for in many areas of life this is not a realistic combination. Aries Ill''s are usually engaged in doing things with and for other people—planning, organizing, executing, maintaining—but can rarely allow others to do anything for them. One can expect quite a bit of struggle in this relationship, then, over who will do what. On the upside, these two are sure to attract a constant stream of people corning and going, and this kind of activity may be enough to keep them both satisfied.
Two Aries Ill's living together of in a love affair may experience impossible difficulties in the long run. Usually guided by fixed ideas and ideologies, they may engage in a constant struggle for supremacy, unless they have exactly or at least close to the same viewpoint They should really get involved with personalities other than their own, with people who have other needs for their strengths to fill. Things can be extreme^ difficult for children exposed to the conflict within an Aries Ill-Aries 111 marriage, and even worse for them in the "perfect"1 situation of both parents sharing the same beliefs, when they will be expected to measure up to a monolithic set of standards with no chance of appeal to another point of view.
Friendships and family relationships between Aries III’s are likely to suffer from ideological conflicts, but if at least one of the partners is diplomatic, as these personalities are likely to be, there may be an equitable give-and-take of ideas and energies. Because Aries Ill's have well-developed social skills and need a Jot of social interaction, they are likely to see eye-to-eye on the need to contribute to the welfare of others. Sharp disagreement can break out as to how and when such contributions are to be made, but these differences can be worked out if mutual goals are kept in sight. As co-workers, two Aries Ill's can get a tremendous amount done and achieve success in a wide variety of endeavors as long as they can keep their need to dominate under control. Their innate sense of fairness and their sensitivity to the good of the group will help to make this possible.

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Keep your ideas under control. Practice flexibility. Avoid a monolithic stance. Get enough rest. Hard work isn ''t always required.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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