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Relationship between Scorpio C and Scorpio C

Giving Ground

Best at : Adversarial

Worst at : Love

Although Scorpio Ill''s tend to be strong individuals, this relationship may be somewhat ineffective, for both of them want to be bass. As a result, they can easily find themselves pitted against each other, as competitors, rivals or enemies The solution is for one of them to give ground, leaving the top spot to the other or else for them both to compromise, de-escalating their power struggles and perhaps agreeing to a lower hut equal footing within their group. This will be hard for them to do, for their relationship tends to bring out their aggression and fighting spirit. But the alternative is to wind up doing nothing or to settle fearfully for less than the best, since any initiative seems to arouse resistance.
Love affairs and marriages between these two are not unheard of but rarely work out. The Scorpio III tendencies toward secrecy—these personalities like lo hide their emotions behind smoke screens—is amplified here. In the absence of having any clue as to what the other person is thinking or feeling, the partners will have to try to interpret each other''s behavior and will usually end up inferring devious motives and duplicity. The lack of empathy and the level of suspicion here bodes ill. Should one or both partners be only out for what they can get, the days of the relationship will be numbered, since a Scorpio III will rarely tolerate being treated this way (even when they are acting this way themselves).
Friendships in this combination have similar auspices—they are possible but not that common—and parent-child combinations rarely work well, since Scorpio II’s will insist on both giving orders and refusing to obey them. On the other hand, competition and challenge often bring out the best in Scorpio Ill''s who find Themselves on different sides of the fence. Their rivalry seldom involves personal dislike or hatred; in fact, they may have the greatest respect and in some cases admiration for each other. Rarely, however, do they voluntarily come to work for the same company or successfully start a business together.

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Try compromising a bit. Limit combative tendencies. If your rival demands respect show it. Don''t be afraid of success.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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