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Relationship between Cancer B and Cancer B

Off the Beaten Path

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Family

How unconventional can a relationship get? This match up may not impress other people as being terribly out of the ordinary, many Cancer II''s function well in regular jobs, and those around this pair may view them as quite normal. En private life, however, the truly unusual qualities of the Cancer II personality come to light, and this relationship only magnifies them. The fantasy world built up here can be vivid, highly imaginative and indeed extreme. The combination encourages an interest in the hizarre, whether in books, film, electronic media, design or dance. Cancer II couples may also enjoy element of popular culture that appear quite ordinary to other people, but whatever catches their eye usually has in incongruous or peculiar aspect to it, and this is what strikes their fancy.
Romances and marriages demand a lot of privacy, in a space that is capable of sustaining or reflecting these partners'' inner vision. Unusual designs, colors and shapes may be stimulating to the couple, hut they may also play out their tastes against a neutral background, as if a projector were throwing colorful images onto a blank screen. This curious dichotomy is also reflected in the clothing of Cancer II combinations, some couples appearing outlandish, others unremarkable. In many other aspects of life, too, the relationship C3B either express its unusualness directly or it can mute, disguise or mask it.
Cancer II friends like to share secrets with each other particularly concerning childhood traumas. Parental and societal disapproval often figure prominently here, and the relationship may be quite therapeutic for both partners in alleviating or erasing inferiority complexes and other old, outworn negative scripts Acceptance the keynote here, and with it an eagerness to leave the baggage of the past behind.
Cancer 11-Cancer II family and work match ups arc likely to be mutually sympathetic but unremarkable. Be they parent and child, siblings, co-workers, or boss and employee, both parties have LI way of nut drawing attention to themselves and, in fact, of de-emphasizing their personal relationship in favor of their outward role.

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Don’ t be so defensive. Others may actually appreciate your more ordinary self. Share when trust is earned. Give more of yourself in everyday life.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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