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Relationship between Saggitarius B and Saggitarius B

Longing for Someone Normal

Best at : Family

Worst at : Love

The chances of two such idiosyncratic and highly individualistic people as these getting along together in a daily basis is alas not great. Both have their own ways of doing things, which are not only unlikely to gel but are actually prone to conflict. The fact mat both partners tend to focus on the unique does not necessarily make it easier for them to sympathize with each other—indeed, both partners may long to be with someone more normal (as long as they can remain their own difficult selves, of course). One of the problems- in getting such a relationship on the rails is that these partners need a while to adjust to each other''s foibles, hut may not be prepared to hang in there that long. In fact, family relationships between two Sagittarius Ms can be the more successful ones, simply because, having grown up Together over the years, they are used to each others odd ways.
Love affairs and friendships between these two, to the extent that they are possible, tend to do best when the partners see each only occasionally A hunger for more contact will often merely hasten the match up''s ultimate demise Marriages can work out only if the partners have the necessary space that they can confidently call their own, without any interference or judgment. Children of such parents will not have an easy lime of it, since their parental role models leave something to be desired In fact, it may be that the children themselves become the stabilizing force in the relationship.
Sibling and parent-child relationships between Sagittarius Us are not easy ones to maintain, either, but a repetitive process of confrontation and resolution can help to some degree. Familial relationships between members of the opposite sex usually have a better chance for success. In the professional sphere, these two will foe happiest as self-employed freelancers or as business partners, where the varied talents of both can be put to best use, but they will have to seek strong financial advice and management.

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Give things a chance to work out. Hang in there, but don''t keep heating your head against a wall Beware of double standards.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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