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Relationship between Capricorn A and Capricorn A

Alternatives to Struggle

Best at : Marriage

Worst at : Parent-Child

Despite their assertions to the contrary, Capricorn I''s usually understand each other well—which is to imply not so much empathy between them as a very fundamental comprehension It is quite possible, then, for them to work out a satisfactory'' agreement as to which of them will guide the destiny of their relationship, or that of any small group to which it belongs. There is a tendency here to conflict and open power struggles, but there are several ways these can be avoided, of which perhaps the best are sharing power as copartners and compartmentalizing the relationship so that each has his or her own unquestioned areas of dominance. Either of these alternatives can work well, depending on the circumstances and individual preferences. Should two Capricorn I''s be unwilling or unable to reach agreement over who will rule, constant strife, argument and, ultimately, separation can be expected.
Capricorn I''s are attracted to each other''s earthy side, but their love affairs lend to be sensual rather than sexual Lacking a certain amount of excitement and spark may enhance the longevity, but not the interest, of such matchups. Marriages here can be successful as long as the power issue can be settled satisfactorily. Practical in the extreme, such relationships are rarely divided by differing points of view over money, responsibilities and family structure. As friends, Capricorn I pairs are loyal and dependable. Should they lack shared interests, however, they are unlikely to develop the strong emotional bonds that would hold the relationship together. Capricorn I pa rent-child relationships can be stormy and punishing, particularly if either partner deviates from the behavior expected from them. As siblings, Capricorn I''s of the same sex must each have space of their own, since their abilities to share with each other may be quite limited. But Capricorn I co-worker pairs can work together successfully for years on end, discharging their responsibilities with little fuss. Problems arise only if both have ambitions to rise higher within the company or organization, since they are likely to be quite selfish and ruthless toward each other when in competition.

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Work out agreements carefully. Try to be more flexible and less severe. Work toward greater emotional honesty. Settle power conflicts.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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Relationship with Panditji starts and just blossoms up. He gives you for your better with kundali shashtra and you keep moving. I personally experienced positives from his advice. He rates amongst the most respectful personalities that have positive influence in my life and s will be.

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