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Relationship between Tauras A and Tauras A

A Comfortable Nest

Best at : Family

Worst at : Love

The combination of two Taurus I’s can be pictured as a secure and comfortable nest. It includes a love of repose in a home that is an inviolable haven of calm, far removed from the slings and arrows of everyday life. Taurus I lovers will have a sensuous life that is likely to be gratifying but predictable. The problem is that neither may be challenged enough by such a relationship to move forward in his or her personal development. A comfortable bur stagnant situation may result. Should a more exciting or unstable third party, come along, tempting one Taurus I to leave the other, both of them will inevitably suffer from guilt, remorse and repressed frustration. One of the greatest difficulties two Taurus Is face, whether in love or in marriage, is their inability to acknowledge a relationship''s failure and to allow it to fall apart.
Taurus I friends generally form a tight bond, stressing fun through physical activities. If they grow up together they are likely to form an easy and rewarding relationship that will last them for life. Stubbornly tenacious and faithful (if sometimes more through an inability to admit failure than through true loyalty), the relationship is perhaps even better suited in career and family areas. Two Taurus Ts, for example, would be good support for an aging parent or needy relative.
At work or at home the relationship t an form the bedrock of any group, lending it great stability. As parents, these, two will have to beware of imposing too monolithic a set of rules or expectations on their children, making them either overly accepting or rebellious. The first of these is the more likely, a kind of tender-trap situation in which the children become too dependent on the parents and fail to develop independence and solid ego-formation. In business, this pairs strong, practical business acumen can produce success in any field. Mutually supportive these partners usually understand each other well, and are particularly sympathetic when one of than feels Id down or unappreciated by other people. They know how to share authority and delegate ability, skills necessary for any partnership to flourish.

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Comfort and ease aren’t always the most stimulating conditions for growth. Seek challenges. Let go of attachments. Dare to fail.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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