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Relationship between Tauras C and Tauras C

A Barrel of Monkeys

Best at : Family

Worst at : Love

How natural can you get? Although this relationship has an undeniable tendency to let it all hang out, repressive and inhibiting tendencies may be at work as well, particularly if the partners'' Talents, interests and activities are divergent or mutually exclusive, with each disapproving of the other's approach, Yet if these two are able to respect such differences, as they usually can, the relationship's value will be enhanced rather than diminished. These two fun-loving individuals make an exuberant and joyous combination, albeit a chaotic one. On the downside, they may bring out each other's not inconsiderable insecurities, creating an underlying instability.
Two Taurus Ill's can be more fun than a barrel of monkeys. Enjoyment is of paramount importance here, and the only single rule is to be oneself. Love affairs and friendships are often affectionate and open rather than deep and passionate, and instability and infidelity can threaten the relationship's longevity, but sharing and acceptance often alleviate what for others could be insurmountable difficulties. Jealousy and claiming attitude are seldom a problem here. Marriages and work relationships in this combination can be highly productive, but vacations, entertainment and humor are essential to keep mates and co-workers in a positive frame of mind Criticism from grandparents, bosses or other colleagues or family members on how children are raised or work is done can be an extremely sensitive point, often revealing underlying feelings of inferiority and producing anger and aggression; the relationship may impulsively switch into strong defense or attack modes.
Families with pairs of Taurus III parents, siblings, grandparents or aunts and uncles can be vivacious group. These match ups will enliven and lives not only of family members but of those attached to them rough bonds of friendship, love, work and marriage. But the energy level of these families can be chaotic - disturbing siblings or parents of a more serious or meditative nature

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Develop greater self-trust. Work on rooting out insecurities. Criticism need not be a threat. Stabilize your feelings. Seek moderation.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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