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Relationship between Gemini C and Gemini C

Being Cool

Best at : Risky work

Worst at : Conventional Marriage

This relationship is about encountering challenging situations on a daily basis With this as a jumping-off point, these two might wind up emotionally close, but more probably will move in just the opposite direction; that of suppressing feelings and maintaining strict objectivity in the personal sphere Free spirits, Gemini Ill''s will tolerate very few rules, but if their relationship has a governing principles could certainly be "Be cool—don''t get emotionally involved with each other/ This is in fact the key to the a lion''s success. Indeed the survival not only of the relationship but also, in life-threatening situations of the lives of one or both partners could depend on it.
Why would these independent and adventuresome people really need to live together? Conventional and marriage may only be possible for unusual, less adventuresome Gemini III stay-at-homes. More typically their affairs and marriages have to allow them the greatest latitude to roam the world in search of adventure probably alone, or with a non-Gemini 111 partner. Its true that a friendship or business based on travel, what risky financial dealings, dangerous physical achievement or the like could lead them to spend a time together, but stability, affection and coziness will rarely be the important values here—independence, freedom will remain paramount One might ask why they would want this relationship at all, but what'' Ill''s desire, they will have, and on their own terms.
In the family, more distant kinship ties, such as grandparent-grandchild pairs, tend to work better! parent-child or sibling match ups. Siblings will have great difficulty with the fact that simply growing up together will force them to relate to each other for years, and to face inevitable rules and responsibility Such a pair, even when they are twins, should be given as much as possible that is theirs alone and that they do have to share. Nor should they be responsible for each other or perform the same chores.

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Have firm goals in mind. Don t get sidetracked by danger. Allow as much sharing as is possible or advisable. Be emotionally honest.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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