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Relationship between Cancer A and Cancer A

A Welter of Feelings

Best at : Work

Worst at : Marriage

Cancer 1 ultra sensitivity will characterize this relationship. These two are unlikely to have an easy time of it together particularly in more personal relationships. Cancer Is are very reactive to the feelings of others, and their boundaries are so fluid that their partners pick up on their moods without realizing it then, the effect of two of them in combination: each magnifies the other''s welter of feelings. The relationship becomes extremely complex emotionally. If it is to have a chance for success, the partners must every ounce of their strength to maintain their objectivity and take responsibility for their feelings. For the most part, alas, they are'' neither willing nor able to make this effort, and the result is often a constant ricocheting of sensibilities, impressions and viewpoints.
Love affairs, friendships, marriages and family relationships will prove most problematic in this combination, becoming emotional minefields with explosions going off every other minute. It may be difficult for two Cancer 1 s to continue on with each other. They should approach these relationships with as much awareness as possible, working on their own individual evolutions will help immeasurably here.
Perhaps the areas of greatest benefit for this relationship have to do with work, study and other objective pursuits. As co-workers, especially in office work relating to publishing, design, manufacturing, computers and finance, Cancer II operate side by side faithfully over the long haul. Their attention to detail, concentration and easygoing nature might be highly prized by superiors and colleagues alike. They generally need to be given direction, however and occasionally to be pushed to avoid complacency. Cancer I executive pairs are likely to be aggressive and may antagonize people with their insistent and pushy attitudes. Motivation is often a prime difficulty for student and teachers student pairs here. They can sometimes reach peaks of achievement, but the learning process is not always even or consistent—periods of inactivity, dreaminess or moodiness often prevail. Should the pair be in spins, fitness or other athletic pursuits, they will have to fight off slumps and tendencies to go off track.

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Objectivity should be your rock. Beware of mirroring each other''s feelings. Without repressing your emotions, keep them under control.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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