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Relationship between Cancer-Leo Cusp and Cancer-Leo Cusp

Leveling Off

Best at : Work

Worst at : Marriage

The Cancer-Leo personality is subject ro wide swings of mood, which this relationship usually magnifies—sometimes to the point where they are intolerable. Yet a workable dynamic can also here, particularly if what the partners are doing together has to do with emotions, psychology, art and music, or the healing arts, in fact, pooled Cancer-Leo understanding of the creative process and the human psyche can be invaluable to any family, social or professional group.
Cancer-Leos often cry out for stability in their relationships, bur they a re unlikely to find it with each odd Emotions in this love affair can swing from sparkling and even wildly exciting to depressed; and finally cold. Either a breakup or a breakdown is likely in short order. Should the couple try marriage, they will certainly need the steadiness that comes from a solid financial base, firm career commitments, a stable domestic situation and adequate pay and benefits, yet even should all these be present they will still have no guarantee-success unless they am achieve some kind of emotional balance.
As friends, Cancer-Leos will have to understand and adjust to the dynamic of their relationship, will be difficult Disaster looms when one of them is either too upbeat or too depressed, and a seesaw whenever one is up, the other is down—can also be extremely frustrating At home, a Cancer-Leo parent-or sibling relationship will often keep things lively, hut will also lend an air of instability and unpredictability to family life.
Work relationships between these two can be good as long the partners do not overreact to each other’s mood swings The engineering of a decrease in emotional interaction and an increase in objectivity is essential here. Enterprising and somewhat aggressive projects, in which challenge plays an important role, are'' dally favored. Another lesson that will have to be learned, perhaps the hard way, is holding back in situation where impulsiveness could be counterproductive, even deadly.

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Even things out. Strive for emotional control. Aim for objectivity. Fulfill bask requirements. Don’ t overreact or lash out blindly.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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