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Relationship between Aries A and Aries A

Youthful Denial

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Love

This relationship is characterized by a love of exploration and by a spontaneous, frank expression that :an result in a kind of primal joy But the impulsive and dynamic energy characteristic of this match up can also carry both partners far from the stabilizing forces that are required in day-to-day life. The Aries I-Aries I relationship is more likely to manifest in childhood or early adulthood than in the friendships, love affairs, or marriages of maturity, since the kind of understanding that these partners need often becomes harder to achieve as their individual world views become more rigid with advancing age.
Aries I''s are generally interested in unusual people who are quite different from themselves. Two Aries Is, then, will rarely choose each other as love partners. They will probably work together well enough, however, as long they don’t need to engage in a lot of personal interaction, and as long as their jobs are straightforward ones in which the tasks they need to accomplish are specific and well-defined. Business partnerships or executive positions are not favored, and it’s always better for Aries I''s to work together as equals. Things will go more smoothly if both are asked to employ their own specialized expertise and nothing more. Only after years on the same job together will two Aries Vs begin to develop anything approaching intimacy
Family situations involving two Aries I''s may work out all right, whether the relationship is of siblings or of parent and child, but not without conflict. Although this relationship manifests some of the strongest childlike energy of any in the year, it also features a stubborn refusal to be treated like a child, whether by partners or by parents. Two Aries I children in the same family may fight constantly if the older one adopts a parental role, treating the younger one in a patronizing or overly protective way. Rebelliousness is bound to surface in such a situation, or when a single Aries I child is coddled or babied by a dominant Aries I mother or father. Generally the greatest conflicts are with the parent of the same sex, the greatest emotional ties with the parent of the opposite sex.

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Don''t demand too much. Allow time for feelings to grow. Denying immaturity invites suspicion. Let others help you.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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