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Relationship between Leo-Virgo Cusp and Leo-Virgo Cusp

Playing Peekaboo

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Marriage

Is there room in there for both of you? These two are capable of stuffing their secrets in a cupboard, then crawling inside themselves. Hide-and-seek is a favorite Leo-Virgo pastime, and secrecy can be twice as much fun for two Leo-Virgos as it is for one. This combination may focus on the game of hiding the truth, then suddenly revealing it—an amusing and involving pastime but not necessarily a productive one. The relationship s emotional qualify can be lighthearted or serious, helpful or obstructive, friendly or vicious, but in all cases it lends to be unpredictable.
Love affairs here art complex, confusing and seldom emotionally or physically satisfying. They seem to augment this personality''s need to play emotional games, so that the lovers in this on-again, off-again relationship will rarely know where they stand with each other. Marriages, too, tend to lack stability, and are not particularly recommended.
Friendships between Leo-Virgos can be a lot of fun but also somewhat frustrating. The partners are somewhat unwilling to show their hands and have trouble being fully open with each other. Their pleasure in alternate concealment and revelation may prevent them from establishing trust. Its not that they outright lie to each other, but stretching or hiding the truth is commonplace here.
Some Leo-Virgo parent-child and sibling pairs compete directly with each other, others support and benefit from each other. In either case, they usually take notice of each other, although not necessarily openly: in fact, it may be hard for them to get each others full attention, since Leo-Virgos are often wrapped up in their own world. In family matters they should recognize their shared interests and put their preoccupation with their private games on hold. At work, Leo-Virgos make good partners only if they make an effort to be objective and to keep two sets of eyes on the store. Unfortunately, mistrust may make them so vigilant about watching each other that they don''t realize the cash register is being rifled by someone else.

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Straighten out the confusion or nothing will get done. Be more honest. Spend less time playing games. Try to be more consistent and reliable.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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