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Relationship between Virgo C and Virgo C

Undiluted Doses

Best at : Work

Worst at : Family

These two are unlikely to try to kid each other a whole lot; Virgo Ill''s are brutally honest, and a pair if them will expect the truth in undiluted doses. It''s not that their relationship is over serious—banter and light humor actually figure prominently here. Behind every humorous statement, though, is a knowing quality, an assumption that the listener knows what''s going on in the world. Virgo III''s, in fact, assume a great deal about each other, and when their partner fails to live up to their expectations, derision may be their only recourse.
Virgo Ill-Virgo III love affairs are usually frank and down to earth, more sexual than romantic. The partners know what they want and usually think they can get it. A principal problem in relationships of this kind is selfishness, both of the physical and the psychological varieties. Although the partners are very much alike, it rarely occurs to either of them to try to put themselves in the other''s place and see how it feels. Marriages between Virgo III''s are often practical and pragmatic. Should they prove fractious, the couples will hang in there for what they consider a reasonable time, but then won''t hesitate to call it quits.
Two Virgo Ill''s in one family can be a problem for other family members, since these personalities tend to inflict their critical attitudes, strong wills and demanding natures on those around them. Autonomy is usually so important to them that Virgo III siblings will battle it out to protect their prerogatives. Conflicting choices may be a special problem for them Parent-child relationships in this combination will expect absolute adherence to the written and spoken word; their promises are written in stone, and they will expect the same of others. Virgo III friends and business partners can get on splendidly as long as they don''t expect too much attention from each other. These relationships should be kept as objective as possible—emotionally charged areas will be difficult here.

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Forgive and forget. Try to be more flexible. Let some things go without comment. Put yourself in your partner''s place. Don''t expect too much.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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