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Relationship between Virgo-Libra Cusp and Virgo-Libra Cusp

Skin Deep

Best at : Work

Worst at : Love

The ideal relationship for two Virgo-Libras is a platonic one in which they are able to appreciate an, the beauty of the natural world, without passion or possessiveness getting in the way. A tool objectivity or detachment is likely to characterize this relationship, which can achieve an almost perfect balance, given the absence of messier human concerns. Although such a duo can be enormously popular within their own social and family circles, they are not really interested in compromise—in a lowering of standards or sacrifice of ideals—in order to widen their sphere of influence Actually, these individuals see no com diction between commercial success dud artistic integrity, so sure are they of the quality of their work. Should it be appreciated, fine; if not, so be it.
Nonetheless, setting trends, or at the very least recognizing them, seems to be the fate of this couple. The two Virgo-Libras can be of great use to an organization as independent consultants or as permanent member of an executive team. Ii is not only that they have their fingers on the public pulse: they know how to male that pulse rate quicken or slow at will. In this regard, however, one might say that they ad more like experimental psychologists, testing float themes in the antiseptic environment of the lab, than like therapists who interact with clients on a one-to-one basis—their understanding of human nature is not that great.
Love relationships between two Virgo-Libras can stretch narcissism to its limit. Each partner rends to be a mirror for me other—preening, making up, putting on the best face possible. True empathy and depth of feeling are not given top priority. In marital relationships, full emphasis is given to social considerations; which does not exclude putting on a show for the neighbors. Such matchups must beware of passing along false or superficial values to their progeny. Friendships and family relationships between two Virgo-Libras may show a marked aversion to darker feelings, which are frequently repressed. Escaping problems through drugs is a Virgo-Libra tendency that can, unfortunately, be synergized by this relationship.

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Pay more attention to human feelings. Don''t be so concerned about what others think, Find deeper meaning in your life. Beauty may he only skin deep.

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