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Relationship between Libra C and Libra C

Ceaseless Repartee

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Work

This relationship is marked by a kind of instant recognition—Libra Ill''s will know that they have met someone of like mind, with whom they can communicate openly and honestly. Yet most Libra III couples project a cool image, without much display of their feelings or talk about what is bothering them. This is often because they themselves do not know what is on their own minds, and in fact this relationship does not rate high in self-awareness. Libra Ms are geared for action, so if the relationship is becalmed I" the malaise of indecision it can truly suffer. Dealing with anxieties and depressions will be very difficult for this duo, since neither is likely to be able to drag the other out of a well of loneliness or despair.
Libra III lovers will have a difficult time of it, since their feelings will not always gel in the romantic and sexual spheres Often out-of-synch, their interaction can suffer from misunderstandings, misplaced energies and mixed signals. If both, partners accept the increased and fixed responsibilities of marriage, however, the relationship will benefit. These two can also make conscientious and dedicated parents.
Friendships here can be truly outstanding, as long as the level of responsibility and expectation is not unduly high. The ability of these two to have fun together is practically unlimited, and their quick minds and agile tongues engage easily in almost ceaseless repartee. Arguments will rarely get out of hand here, particularly if each party respects the other''s viewpoint.
Family is not really Libra Ill''s thing. Two relatives born in this week can liven up any gathering—too often, unfortunately, by not seeing eye to eye; their arguments and blowups can be extremely disruptive In the workplace too, their dramatic shows of affect may not help get a project completed, proving more counter-productive than entertaining.

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Be more contemplative. Get to know yourself better, Don''t be afraid to show your true feelings. Your image is not so important.

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