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Relationship between Libra-Scorpio Cusp and Libra-Scorpio Cusp

Letting Go

Best at : Friendship

Worst at : Love

Libra-Scorpio are not easy people to get along with, and when two of them get together, an extremely complex relationship can result. Demanding and particular, they will find it difficult to live together. If this relationship is to succeed, then, it must feature agreements on matters of, for example, taste—furnishing, design, and color. Domestic questions like these can become a whole world of controversy. Add to them others like what diet to follow, where to settle or how to set up financial or tax structures, and this relationship may demand hours, days, even years in endless pro-and-con discussions before any subject is settled.
Some topics can be much easier to deal with Being open to social gatherings and regular visits from friends is seldom a problem, nor is an endless variety of intellectual discussion and debate. In the latter respect, Libra-Scorpios can be a wonderful match for each other—stimulating, engrossing and perhaps more strongly driven by either purely conscious or purely unconscious impulses than most.
Love affairs, marriages and friendships between Libra-Scorpios will often feature the same head-heart split that these two grapple with as individuals. Two Li bra-Scorpios on the same mental or emotional wavelength have a chance to reach the heights together, but when the feelings of one butt up against the thoughts of the other, consternation and chaos will reign. Arguments can be severe and constant but will rarely result in the kind of irreparable damage that will lead to separation or breakup, since most fights and crass words will be Liken with a grain of salt. The other side of Libra-Scorpio intensity is an extreme kind of relaxation and conviviality, in which all is forgotten Although Libra-Scorpio pairs often are not faithful in the conventional sense, they can be extremely loyal to each other, devoting themselves to each other completely. Sibling and co-worker combinations can be very close and understanding of each other and can get along well on a daily basis.

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Let things be boring sometimes. Learn to relax. Try to find the middle ground between your head and your heart. Let things go without discussion.

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The secret language of relationships
Gary Goldscneider and Joost Elffers

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