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Relationship between Capricorn C and Capricorn C

Hero Worship

Best at : Love

Worst at : Work

Capricorn III''s are a bit prone to idolize each other. No matter where in life their relationship emerges, they are bound to elevate their partner to a high position, hut of course they are also likely to be raided to a corresponding position themselves. Their relationship, then, is not only highly complementary (and complimentary) but also in many respects quite unrealistic Being set up for a fall is all too common here-one partner will come crashing down in the other''s eyes through failure, misplaced trust or just the strain of not being able to live up to expectations. Only by exercising strong willpower, and by constantly reminding each other that they are ordinary human beings like anyone else, will this duo be capable of keeping a realistic eye on their relationship. Perhaps the greatest danger is according the relationship itself an unrealistically high order of merit, and developing a blind faith in its ability to accomplish miracles.
A love affair between two Capricorn Ills is likely to be a sensuous, earthy relationship. By calling it the best they''ve every had, however, the partners might keep it from deepening spiritually and emotionally. In marriages too, smugness or over satisfaction can inhibit personal growth. Too often these partners are liable to live in a bubble of happiness that may one day burst, finding both of them unprepared for a sudden inrush of problems and difficulties that they really haven''t faced before.
As business partners or executives, Capricorn Ill''s can work very well together, but may overestimate each others’ capabilities. They usually have a great deal of loyalty to their firm or company, and their ability to make personal sacrifices seems unlimited. But, of course, they are only human, and if they sacrifice too much their resentments will steadily build, particularly if commensurate reward is not forthcoming. Parent-child combinations, too, are likely to be over attached to their family group, their unselfishness may allow them to be taken advantage of by more self-seeking family members. Two Capricorn III friends are extremely loyal but must beware of forming a closed mutual-admiration society.

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Try to be a bit more realistic. Don''t have such high expectations. Belief in your infallibility can be deadly. You are no better than anyone else.

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