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Relationship between Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp and Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp

A Roaring Inferno

Best at : Work

Worst at : Love

These two may not be the best combination for each other True, they appreciate each others liveliness and vivacity, but their matchup has two major drawbacks: first, that Its synergy magnifies not just their talents but their instabilities, making them dangerously unpredictable; and second, that each of them is often more attracted to quiet, passive types. Because of their ability to trigger each other''s shadow side, violent outbursts are to be expected in this relationship, which can be terribly destructive both psychologically and physically.
Interpersonal relationships like friendships, marriages and love affairs are particularly susceptible to this kind of triggering. Furthermore, since both partners are fascinated with imaginative and dangerous pursuit they may lack some kind of checking or limiting mechanism to keep them from being caught up in various types of excessive behavior, perhaps involving drugs, violence, sex or fantasy. Each partner merely feeds the other''s flame until the relationship is fanned to white heat. A roaring inferno or eruptive volcano of emotion can sweep away everything in its path, including the relationship itself. As relatives, Capricorn-Aquarians have a quick, almost telepathic bond that allows them to act as one, a quality particularly helpful in emergency situations that demand lightning-quick reflexes. Nurturing instincts are also well developed here, but the pair must be careful about their violent reactions to people they consider intruders in the family space.
Substantial controlling mechanisms do appear, on the other hand, within the professional and the familial spheres. Capricorn-Aquarius combinations can make excellent partners in business, industrial and artistic pursuits. Hard-working and responsible attitudes emerge here, and with them a firm commitment to achieving success. The couples human qualities are also strongly marked, so that these two will rarely take advantage of others. In fact, their matchup can the generous, and is highly considerate to the feelings of other people, particularly socially disadvantaged ones.

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